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AUGUST 22, 2020

SINCE 2014

About the “Bird” Boot Camp 


Each year since August 2014 a significant number of student jazz musicians and an all-star cast of jazz artists/ educators converge on the historic 18th & Vine Jazz District at the historic Gem Theater for one day to learn about Charlie “Bird” Parker – to celebrate, study and play his music.

A dynamic educational program experience!

See the 2019 Guidebook.


Charlie Parker

An American Master + Kansas Native

Parker was born in Kansas City, Kansas and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri.

His artistic innovations would ultimately lead him to worldwide musical acclaim.

This undisputed and universal acknowledgement as an innovator and musical genius continues to the present.

2020 is the centennial year of Kansas native and jazz saxophone pioneer Charlie Parker’s birth in 1920.


Visiting Artists


BIRD BOOT CAMP inherently realizes the integration of Kansas artists into jazz artist residencies and professional development collaborations that feature partnerships among artists, schools, arts organizations, and arts programs of non-arts organizations.

BIRD BOOT CAMP creative collaborations also integrate an arts discipline into non-arts curriculum and content areas such as corporate sponsorships and business collaborations to support the program; help interpret an exhibition, performance, or presentation; and support arts programming and community development goals and objectives.


BIRD BOOT CAMP is included in the KC Metropolitan Area-wide collaborative planning process for the Annual Charlie Parker Celebration that includes all partners, exhibitions, performances, and artist interaction with both students and community members.

Non-Kansas artists will be considered on a case by case basis to present and participate at BIRD BOOT CAMP due to the international nature of the art of jazz and its global field of colleagues.

Integrated Arts Education. This program supports innovative educational programming that integrates arts learning into non-arts curriculum and content areas to address emerging technologies, areas of skills shortages, STEM curricula, workforce readiness, and increase student performance.

Innovative Partnerships 

BIRD BOOT CAMP develops innovative programming between arts organizations and non-arts organizations that impacts a variety of community and/or economic development goals.

BIRD BOOT CAMP partners with other community entities to develop an arts-centered program that also addresses community needs such as tourism, cultural heritage awareness, and applied jazz education.

National Music Standards

… are all about Music Literacy. 

Creating. Performing. Responding.

The standards emphasize conceptual understanding in areas that reflect the actual processes in which musicians engage. The standards cultivate a student’s ability to carry out the three Artistic Processes* of


Performing, and


These are the processes that musicians have followed for generations, even as they connect through music to their selves and their societies. And isn’t competence in Creating, Performing, and Responding what we really want for our students?

Students need to have experience in creating, to be successful musicians and to be successful 21st century citizens. 

Students need to perform – as singers, as instrumentalists, and in their lives and careers. 

Students need to respond to music, as well as to their culture, their community, and their colleagues.

National Music Standards addressed include:

MU:Cr1, MU:CRr2, MU:Cr3, MU:Pr4, MU:Pr5, MU:Pr6, MU:Re7, MU:Re8, MU:Re9, MU:Cn10, MU:Cn11 (Composition/Theory and Ensemble).


Christopher L. Burnett
Artistic Director, “Bird” Boot Camp


(913) 250-5141




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