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and used for strategic investments

and arts integration.


KC Area Youth Jazz is a unique arts education program. KC Area Youth Jazz is a no participation fee spring-and-summer-only program. KC Area Youth Jazz participation is FREE because we want no barriers to this arts business scholarship due to costs.


KC Area Youth Jazz concluded a successful 2019 season. KC Area Youth Jazz Fellows perform + record commissioned original music written for them, learn about the jazz art form, and perform community concerts during a season. KC Area Youth Jazz Fellowships are awarded to the top jazz players in grades 9-12 to benefit from this opportunity.


KC Area Youth Jazz was initially conceived to have the program meet at a local business in historic downtown Leavenworth, Kansas. We were all set.

Upon telling our good friend Bill Crain about the program, he became excited about it too and volunteered unsolicited to get involved as an instructor, offered to host rehearsals at his studio, and to serve as the primary recording engineer as well.

Needless to say, we were impressed and humbly accepted Bill’s offer. And with the understanding of roles KC Area Youth Jazz has teamed up with BRC Audio Productions in a strategic partnership of unique arts business cooperation and team work.

This unique business relationship among good friends realizes several inherent benefits to both organizations. An arts synergy realized.

We are able to present the program on the campus of the BRC Audio Productions professional recording studio facilities. Business goals are achieved while serving the greater Kansas City area community.

This is a very unique opportunity for the youth jazz musicians who receive fellowships each season.


Our professional staff and esteemed faculty are unpaid volunteers. Our motivation is to pass down our professional knowledge of the jazz music art form to our youngest generations. We do this through a four-month season of 16 rehearsals, concerts, and recording sessions. Fellows perform original compositions written specifically for them, learn the process of preparing music for commercial release, and learn about booking live performances in the community, among other vital skills. Among our goals is to immerse participants in an artist-level program that helps provide useful insights before attending college, university or conservatory music programs. The KC Area Youth Jazz experience helps refine and inform such decisions. We seek funding support of the program by selling the recordings we produce, chair sponsorships, booking concerts, donations, and grants. We use this funding for strategic investments in this project and for arts integration purposes.

— Christopher Burnett – Founder + Artistic Director


Coleman Gliddon, piano
Brendan Sullivan, trombone
Spencer Addis, tenor saxophone

2019 Youth Jazz Fellows

Carter Beucher, alto saxophone
Atzin Garcia, alto saxophone + flute
Spencer Addis, tenor saxophone
Emilio Alvarez, all saxophones
Joshua McKeague, trumpet + flugelhorn
Brendan Sullivan, trombone
Coleman Gliddon, piano
Robert Law, bass
Michael McKeague, drum set

LIGHT / DARK” (ARC-3536) and “BISHOP’S PEAK”(ARC-3543) composed by Dr. Arthur White are the two digital singles to be released worldwide Apple Music + Spotify + Google Play from the 2019 KC AREA YOUTH JAZZ FELLOWS ALBUM on the ARC Label in early March !! The full LP will be released at the start of the 2020 season !! #worththewait




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