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It’s true. Music has been both, my passion and my business throughout my entire adult life and professional career. It’s true. I continue to have a very successful and rewarding professional career even as I enter into yet another new stage of exciting activities in the arts business sector. It’s true. I have never worked a day in my life. Welcome to Burnett Music Foundation!


I have found over the course of my career that when your passion is your business too, you are not working in the traditional typical sense of the doldrums that come to mind when many people think about having a job or of going to work. But instead, when your passion is your business too, you are truly energized by the work itself and motivated by each validated success of the various projects you are creating toward truly making a positive tangible difference in the lives of real people and also in your community.

Burnett Music Foundation is a logical next step in the career progression for me and my family in the arts world. Each of the projects that make up the core arts elements of Burnett Music Foundation are successful arts business models and passion projects of synergy with the mission of our nonprofit organization. It’s almost as if it were scripted at this stage of our careers for these business models to literally evolve into the core projects of Burnett Music Foundation. Thus, reflecting a lifelong passion for the arts.


We are not in this alone. Every successful professional project I have ever been involved with has also included other dedicated individuals working with me as a team toward accomplishing each and every successful endeavor. We have truly assemble a great team of staff and directors, but we need your help too. The fact that YOU are here and reading this post indicates that we are allies. Please join us in creating this viable arts programming and contributing to a modern 21st Century arts infrastructure for our times and future generations to engage in meaningful contexts.

All of the excellent Burnett Music Foundation projects are linked in the sidebar to the right of this post. Visit them to learn more details about each of them. We would like you to consider getting involved in some manner. Tell somebody. Give. All donations are tax deductible and we gratefully appreciate any size donation.

Thanks for joining us!

Christopher Burnett

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